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1809005 - LINER SET - IPL 11 D20(4X1800014)

Milking Machine – Milking Systems - Milking Equipment - 1809005 - LINER SET - IPL 11 D20(4X1800014) - Liners - Own Brand

The InterPuls IPL11 elliptical liner features a series of innovative characteristics that make it unique of its kind:
  • The soft, elastic mixture which is at the same time wear-resistant, ensures harmonious and delicate milking.
  • The semi-rounded head reduces slipping of the liner and accidental air inlet and the internal raised areas facilitate washing of areas that are hard to reach using normal sprayers.
  • The narrow mouth and shape of the liner body make it particularly suitable for high genetic cows.
  • The patented elliptical shape allows complete closure under the teat sphincter during the massage phase and the pre-shaped section reduces stresses on the walls, guaranteeing longer life of the liner.
  • The short wide milk tube allows passage of huge milk flows, ensuring vacuum stability and quick emptying of the udder.
  • Its patented spiral reinforcement allows flexible attachment to the teat and the arched shape in the connecting area with the claw nipple guarantees perfect sealing of the vacuum also with light teat cup shells, without creating harmful stretching.
  • The orientation notches facilitate perfect fitting of    the liner.
  • The ultra-light teat cup shells (200 g.), with rolled edge, allows perfect coupling to the liner head without damaging it.


To ensure correct hygiene and perfect milking, we recommend replacing the liner every 180 days or after 2.500 milking sessions.
Nr. of milkings = 2.500 / n. of cows * n. of milkings / n. of clusters
Suitable for Special TCS Ref. 4208191


A:20mm     B:136mm     C:21mm     D:26,5mm     E:13mm     F:321mm



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