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203499-01 - IPCLAW230 - GEA Bracket

Milking Machine – Milking Systems - Milking Equipment - 203499-01 - IPCLAW230 - GEA Bracket - Claws - IPC300

All claw configurations are made to order, have 13mm milk nipples at a 45 degree angle and a capacity to hold 300cc. All claw configurations include either GEA, Fulwood, InterPuls or Gascoigne Melotte compatible bracket with an ACR attachment. Please speak to your dealer or regional sales manager to ensure you have the right claw configuration.


Ergonomic and unique design making it easy to hold
The Radel® material makes the claw highly impact resistant
Ideally spaced nipples for optimum cluster position and balance
360° Milk flow visibility

технические спецификации

Vented: Yes
IPC Pulsation Side to Side
Angled or Straight Straight
IPC Backflush No
IPC Shut-Off With Shut-Off

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