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Precision Dairy Farming

Fertility, health, nutrition and wellbeing of the dairy herd.

The earlier heat detection is fundamental for the profitability of the dairy herd. The reduction of the “calving-pregnancy” interval is an important target  for the farmer who aims to be efficient; but it’s not sufficient.
The new Pedometer “3D”, in addition to heat detection and control of the bovine’s activity, first parameter of animal’s health feedback, incorporates the 24/7 control of lying and standing behavior. A healthy cow, that lives in a comfortable environment, lies 12-14 hours sleeping, ruminating and resting hooves. It is well known that resting time is a fundamental component with direct implications on milk production. Veterinary studies demonstrate that from 9 to 14 hours, every resting hour delivers one more kg of milk.
The Pedometer “3D” detects these behaviors and keeps track of how often the cow stands up and lies down. Furthermore, the system intercepts if – once standing – the cow walks or stays stationary; important fact, that permits strategic considerations on the management and layout of the stall. This information is always available, thanks to the user-friendly and internet operating software Velos, via PC or smartphone.
Integrated to UHF system the data exchange occurs in real time through an antenna that covers an area of 1 km. It’s a flexible solution adaptable to free-stall or grazing farming. Estrus detection is reliable, higher than 90%. UHF heat detection indicates which cow is in heat and what is the best moment to proceed with insemination; ensuring high index of successful inseminations, with less labour. Pedometer “3D” is also available with ISO identification for automatic animal ID in milking parlour.
We offer also the NeckTag option. This collar allows to monitor how many hours per day the cow dedicates to eat, independently on the feeding (unifeed, pasture…). NeckTag detects the position of the cow’s head and gives precise information about feed ingestion time, letting the farmer to improve actions on groups or single animal. Thanks to new collar NeckTag, it is also possible to detect the position of the cows in the stall. Antennas for the “Cow Positioning” are easy and quick to install, fully compatible with UHF devices. The Cow Positioning is useful for detecting the exact position of the cow that needs specific treatments. Also the NeckTag is available with ISO identification.
Punctual and always available information is extremely important for the Farmer, the Veterinary, the consultant and for all the professional figures who work around the dairy farm. The database allows to make a further step towards the goal of increasing the profitability of the dairy herd through cost optimization without compromising the cows’ comfort. Our Precision Dairy Farming tools are small and modular investments that permit to increase profit, knocking down costs and inefficiencies; saving time and resources, reducing wastes, in order to achieve environmental-friendly dairy farming.
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