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Eurotier 2016

milkrite | InterPuls two leading brands together in providing you the state-of –the art technology and services.  Improving every farm we touch is the thread leading the products we’re going to show.

Begin your journey through our product ranges!


“Removing the milk from the teat efficiently”

New generation: Impulse Air EVO

The improvement of a great design in vent performance:  increased teat health, optimal milking performance, exact airflow calibration and easy cleaning. The evolution of Impulse Air grants improved Vent performance and higher efficiency in vacuum reserve and can be implemented without needing to  change the parlor settings on existing  Impulse Air parlors.
 Impulse Air EVO


“..is at the heart of milking”

Electronic Pulsators LE30 – LP30

Servo-Direct LE30-LP30 Pulsators represent today’s benchmark for precision, robustness and reliability. These pulsators have been designed with meticulous attention to detail to facilitate rapid, complete and uniform milking, preserving udder health and making the dairy farmer’s job easier.
- Minimized vacuum consumption and excellent stability
- Energy saving
- Protection against external moisture and water
- Quick and easy to service

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LE-LP 30


Vacuum Pulsators L80 Air: the evolution of a legend

InterPuls  legendary Pulsator L80 has been upgraded with L80 Air. Revamped design,  largest external filter of its kind generating a  high and continuous air flow which ensures a gentle and homogeneous milking with first-class massage phases.
- Improved milking performances
-Easy-to-clean filter
-Reinforced internal partition walls: additional protection from impurities
-Maintenance free
-Sturdy and reliable

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L80 Air


Italia Portable Milking Machines

Portable milking is evolving! A new concept of portable milking machine: ergonomic design,  innovative and recyclable materials together with an advanced production technology. Sturdiness and reliability in every operating condition, Italia range is perfect both for entry level parlors and to milk treated or invalid cows in the modern business farms.

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PMM Italia



“ the controlling technology of the milking process”

iMilk600 advanced electronic measurement

Advanced electronics and reliable sensors make this new milk meter a unique product, perfect for the Farmer that aims to maximize the dairy herd profit. The user-friendly panel displays in real-time: milk yield, temperature, milking time, cow number and conductivity. iMilk600 ensures a gentle take-off, avoiding over-milking.

-Reliable milk metering (less 2% error)
- Gentle take off – no overmilking
- Conductivity alert
 -Data networking feature
- Multi-display option
- Easy to install and to program

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iMilk 600



The MMV version of ACRsmart represents a reliable and competitive solution for automatic cluster remover and milk metering “stand-alone”. Perfect for the Farmer that needs a milk yield control per cow without complication for the layout of the milking parlor.

ACRsmart MMV is the ideal solution even for existing farms. The system is modular and can be easily updated with iMilk600 milk meter.
 Also available complete with the sensor.

Know more @ ACR Smart MMV


iMilk401 S&G

Imilk401 Sheep and Goats  is the new, compact control panel designed for the farmer who wants milk yield indication and reliable automatic cluster remover.
It ensures a fast and gentle milking avoiding over-milking risk. The display shows, in real time, production data and early alarm notification. iMilk401 ensures an advanced control of Pulsation, Stimulation and cleaning per milking point. The system is very versatile and ideal for sheep and goats.

Know more @ iMilk401 S&G

iMilk401 S&G


“.. to provide management to the farm data for improved efficiency and farm performance”

IFC:  InterPuls Farm Controller

The manager of your farm! iFC  enables communication between iMilk600 and “Velos” Herd Management Software and adds strategic herd statistics through the user-friendly Interface “MyFarm 1.0”.  If iFC is connected to internet, “MyFarm” can be consulted remotely without demanding specific software installation on pc, tablets or smartphones
 The first release “MyFarm 1.0” already includes detailed statics about:
- Herd Composition by Production Status
- Herd Composition by Reproduction Status
- Herd Composition by Lactation Number
- Herd Composition by Days in Milk
- Fertility KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as  HDR, CR, PR, etc...

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